Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tales of the Cocktail - 2009 Spirit Award Winners

I arrived at Harrah's Theatre early, lost $20 at slots, then got on line for the weekend's grande finale - 3rd annual Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Awards sponsored by Pernod Ricard USA. I sampled the bar, chatted with a few soon to be winners, grabbed a Blood and Sand, and a seat with a crew of mixologists from Drink Boston. After a whopping set of introductions by funny man Billy Harris, The Tuennermans & Co, and cocktail author Simon Difford, the Spirit Awards were handed out.

And the winners are:


Best American Bar: Audrey Saunders' Pegu Club, NYC

Best Hotel Bar in the World
: The Merchant Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Best Cocktail Writing 2009
: David Wondrich of Esquire Magazine

Best New Product: Bols Genever

Best American Brand Ambassador: Simon Ford for Plymouth Gin

World's Best Drinks Selection
: The Merchant Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

American Bartender of the Year: Jim Meehan of PDT, NYC

Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book: The Essential Cocktail: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks by Dale Degroff

World's Best Cocktail Menu - The Merchant Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

International Bartender of the Year: Tony Conigliaro, Lonsdale, London

World's Best New Cocktail Bar
: Julie Reiner's Clover Club, Brooklyn

World's Best Cocktail Bar
: Jim Meehan's PDT, NYC

Helen David Life Achievement Award:Peter Dorelli, London

It is clear the New York is still Cocktail Central in 2009! Loungerati is especially proud of our local favorite, The Clover Club. Julie made the trip just in case she won, well congrats!!!

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