Sunday, September 13, 2009

Destinations: Dances of Vice - Cursed Circus on September 19th

Ringmaster Shien Lee sends us word of another outlandish Dances of Vice event. This time Loungerati's Fredo get behind the bar to conjure up a potent punch and assist with the bard stuff. This is sure to be an eye opening evening.

EVENT: "The Cursed Circus" - DOV Vintage Circus Spectacular
TIME & DATE: Sat, September 19, 2009 - Doors at 9PM
LOCATION: 303 Bond Street Theater - 303 Bond St, Brooklyn

Behold! Behold! A circus of wonder and depravity awaits you at Dances of Vice: The Cursed Circus, in a magnificent display of freaks, fools, fire, and frippery that will astonish and delight!

Abandon all virtue as ring-mistress GIOIA MARCHESE and her deadly cohorts at COMPANY XIV lead you through a world of sensuous marvels! Featuring ISENGART, the captivating libertine of the cabaret underworld - An arousing spectacle of flames by Priestess of Fire SKY CLAUDETTE and Vlad of Eros Fire - The salacious rapping of the tap-dancing MINSKY SISTERS - Magician and performance bizarrist MICHAEL CARBONARO - Raucous carnival melodies provided by BEN ICKIES' Ja Ja Jas Band with hostess and circus songbird SHIEN LEE.

Also, for one night only, outré pop surrealist MUFFINHEAD displays his otherworldly paintings and prints as well as his own largely exclamational attire!

DRESS CODE: Bohemians, Clowns, Jugglers, Strongmen, Lion tamers, Human oddities, Sideshows, Diviners, Victorian villains, Harlequins, Flappers, Festive fops, Vamps, Madmen, Vintage, or your most deprived attire requested.

NOTE: Spontaneous circus acts and performances are welcome!

Fiendish beasts of the natural world to astound the most stoic of hearts, winking beauties to set your blood aflame, devillish clowns and countless temptations await you this one sinful night at Dances of Vice. So come one, come all, to the most bewitching show on earth!

Win a glittering array of prizes from our sponsors LIME CRIME Makeup, HENDRICK'S GIN, PD CAGLIASTRO, MOLLY CRABAPPLE, WIT'S END, FORIEIGN AFFAIRS, TEMPUS FUGIT, PUREVILE! and more in the raffle!

* RSVP on Facebook as "Attending" to receive a free raffle ticket at the door!

VENDORS: PUREVILE! - LIME CRIME - the Voodoo Bone readings, Dolls & Spellwork of PD CAGLIASTRO

Specialty cocktail menu for this event presented by your bartenders LUCAS LANTHIER and FREDO from LOUNGERATI.

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