Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Parade

by Fredo

The Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue has become an annual tradition for New York's Loungerati set. The parade can be more accurately described as an impromptu promenade of the well dressed began in the late 19th century. I began attending back in 1999 with my partner in crime Bena and our style guru and impresario, Brian P. At the time, the Easter bonnet and eccentric hat tradition was making a big come back so the event was a real eye opener for me. Now I am not one to make replica Shea Stadiums or St. Pat's Cathedrals from paper mache and sport it my head, I am more of a tilted fedora man. For a haberdashery afficiando with a penchant for stick pins, ascots, and the best English and Italian shoes, there is no place better that to let your dandy fop out than at the Easter Parade. Rain or shine!

This year was no different and though I could not attend due to obligations in a certain City of Sin, Loungerati's own Effervescent and his lovely new bride Sara made the scene. Be sure to check out next weekend's New York Times Style section for the Easter Parade photos!

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