Meet The Loungerati


Fredo is Editor-in-Chief and resident cocktail man writing the Barfly's Beat and What We're Drinking columns.  A veteran of the lounge scene since the mid-1990s, he also regularly contributes to the "Happy Hour" column at Umami Mart blog and can be found mixing drinks at many New York retro-vintage events. The Queens native takes inspiration from cocktail aficionado Count Camillo Negroni, bon vivant Charles H. Baker, Jr., and sprezzatura icon Marcello Mastroianni.

The Senator is our Editor and a former big band singer, 
ex-newspaper publisher, and professional lounger. Senator penned the Lounge Doctrine which forms the basis of Loungerati's philosophy. The Senator delivered this cocktail canon at the iconic Algonquin Hotel during the annual Hotel Bar crawl.

Eff  is the Editor-at-Large and writes the Lounge Essentials and Angolo Di Modo columns. A sparkling one, for sure, our man Eff is part arbiter of refinement, part Lenox Hill boulevardier and, through it all, quite Sicilian. His idea of excitement includes dodging the behemoth raccoons of Central Park, in his German sports car. With his Homburg cocked precariously on his head, he saunters out into the night, in search (specifically) of cultured amusements. Steady, Eff! With a temperament is that of a bon vivant, he’s quick to gift a Cubanos or refill your highball. When not visiting the most fashionable of locales, he’s certain to be advancing cultural pursuits, all-the-while spoiling his fair moll.


Chivalrous is a quintessential Jack of All Trades, with dreams of becoming the quintessential Renaissance Man. He's got a penchant for porkpie hats, English blend tobacco, and wishes every night could end with a Porto Flip at Dutch Kills. "Chiv" makes the move from bar stool to Loungerati contributor with his "Qualifying Round" feature in the Barfly's Beat.

Franky Boy is a founding member of swing dance website Yehoodi. At Loungerati, he is helping to civilize modern man with the "Shaving Series.” Franky is working on a series of animated shorts for the site.

Grumpy Old Hepcat a Scotch devotee, holds a PhD in Chemistry which explains how he can "deconstruct" a Rob Roy and still maintain is cool. GOH is one of the original founders of Loungerati, will dance circles around you, and still hold up the bar until the wee hours. He certainly deserves a "buy back!"  

Zoe is our gal on the Barfly's Beat in cities across America. Read her review of the Anvil Bar and Refuge in Houston, Texas.

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