Monday, January 24, 2011

Destinations: Diamond Ace at the Ace Hotel - Jan 29th

Dances of Vice debuts at the vintage chic Ace Hotel with "The Diamond Ace", a film noir inspired evening of thrilling music and performances featuring:

Raucous & Sultry Crime Jazz - Salsa - Swing

The Danger Dame of Burlesque

The Deadly Midnight Vixen

Crimes of Passion & Romance

...with Mr J BURMEISTER as your emcee!

The Ace Hotel is also proud to present a special film noir inspired cocktail menu crafted by esteemed mixologist FREDO of!

Admission: $10 (Cash Only at Doors) | 21+ ID Required | 10PM-4AM
Advance Tix

* Two for one vodka drink specials from 10-11PM!
* Disko Nouveaux continues from 2-4AM with DJ PUREVILE & Miz Margo!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lounge Essentials: The Metrokane Flip-Top Shaker

Metrokane's Flip Top Shaker
Thumbing through a recent Cook’s Illustrated, I noted that their long-standing top choice cocktail shaker had been knocked off its throne. Sure enough, the Metrokane Bullet Shaker, available since 2001, was now solidly in second place after a surprise attack from… none other than... Metrokane's latest invention: the Flip-Top Shaker. 
Some background: Metrokane is the company behind the Rabbit® series of bar tools. Their popular wine bottle opener graces many a Holiday gift list. A modern and streamlined approach to design make their products perfect for any pouring host or home bartender (from the novice to the pro).
Back to business: I contacted an online retailer to order up two, despite the fact that, coming in at 24-ounces, it holds some 14% less than the larger Bullet model and costs $10.00 more. But if, as advertised, this was a “one-handed shaker,” then surely, one would not be enough!

The difference was immediately apparent. Instead of arriving in four pieces with a separate strainer, container, cover and lid, it consists of just two parts with a built-in strainer grid. Double-wall stainless steel construction assures the hands stay warm.

However, the real magic is in the patented Flip-Top, snap-shut mechanism, which opens and closes with the touch of a finger. They call it: “The first innovation since Prohibition.” I thought that was Term Limits? Two years in development, the hydraulic engineering lends the sleek design a unique functionality and efficiency.
The screw-off top threads easily, making it easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher-safe: but why bother? Overall, Metrokane's Flip-Top Shaker is a useful addition to your lineup with a truly modern, high-tech flair. Cook’s Illustrated gets it right yet again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Barfly's Beat: Dutch Kills Ice and more

Dutch Kills bar in Long Island City is one of our regular haunts. The hospitality and quality of the cocktails combine with a unique ambiance that makes it a destination no matter what borough one dwells. They engaged cinematographer Shlomo Godder to put together a series of clips that truly showcase the skills, the ice, and vibe of the place. 

Dutch Kills Ice/Trilogy from Shlomo M. Godder on Vimeo.

Stay Up Late from Shlomo M. Godder on Vimeo.

Dutch Kills/Royal Smile from Shlomo M. Godder on Vimeo.


Dutch Kills Bar
27-24 Jackson Avenue
NY 11101-2918
(718) 383-2724

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cinquecento selected as one of Ardent Spirits 101 Best Cocktails of 2010!

The Cinquecento
Ardent Spirits, a site for cocktail and spirits aficionados run by the esteemed Gary "Gaz" Regan has selected The Cinquecento cocktail to be included in a compendium of the 101 Best Cocktails of 2010. I am truly honored as my drink recipe will be published along with 100 others from the world's best bartenders in the 2011 Bartender's Guide.

This original cocktail was originally submitted to the Louis 649 "Anyone Can Be a Mixologist" Competition (read the recap) in April 2010. The Cinquecento is available commercially on the Louis 649 menu as well as barkeeper extraordinaire Mal Spence's cocktail tome at the Blythswood Square Hotel bar in Glasgow, Scotland. You can also ask for it at great cocktail bars such as Clover Club in Brooklyn.

Read the full Ardent Spirits review here.

Gaz Regan is the author of many cocktail and drinks related books including the must have Joy of Mixology and Gin Compendium. He is also the brains behind Regan's Orange Bitters and is regarded as a pillar of the cocktail community.

- Fredo