Monday, December 5, 2016

Best of Lounge - 2016

The Loungerati have voted and the 2016 Best of Lounge Awards go to:

Lounge Scene Awards 
Best Burlesque Act or Performer: CALAMITY CHANG
Honorable Mention: Rosie Cheeks, Gal Friday Burlesque

Diane L. Naegel Award for Best Lounge or Vintage Event: DARDANELLA at The Plaza Hotel 
Honorable Mention: The Salon's New Year's Eve Eve Party, Dances of Vice - Phantasmagorey

Viva La Musica Award for Best Jazz, Lounge, or Swing Band: QUEEN ESTHER & HER HOT FIVE
Honorable Mention: Dandy Wellington & His Band, Brian Newman Orchestra at the Rainbow Room

Most Sought After Ingredient for the Home Bar: REGARDING COCKTAILS by SASHA PETRASKE
Honorable Mention: Amer Picon, Del Maguey Mezcal Chichicapa

Best Dressed LoungerJ ROSSER LOMAX (Suntory's Man)
Honorable Mention: Marlo Gamora (Barman & Ambassador), Eff Blangiardo (Scion of Sprezzatura)

Cocktail Bars and Lounges
Best New Cocktail Bar or LoungeTHE BENNETT (New York)
Honorable mention:  Suffolk Arms (New York), August Laura (Brooklyn)

Best New York Cocktail Bar or LoungeCLOVER CLUB (Brooklyn)
Honorable Mention: Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog (New York), Attaboy (New York)

Best Barfood: SEAFOOD PLATEAU at GRAND ARMY (Brooklyn)
Honorable Mention: Mutton Burger at Seamstress (New York), Matzo Ball Soup at Suffolk Arms (New York)

Best of the NY Hotel Bars: THE RUM HOUSE at EDISON HOTEL (New York)
Honorable Mention: Elephant Bar at NoMad Hotel (New York), Lantern's Keep at Iroquois Hotel (New York)

David A. Embury Award for Best Cocktail of 2016AMARETTO SOUR (Gozio amaretto, Don Ciccio & Figlio Nocino, lemon, lime, simple) at the AUGUST LAURA (Brooklyn)
Honorable Mention: Loops Lips Sink Ships at Slowly Shirley (New York), Casa Rosada at Grand Army (Brooklyn)

Editor and Staff Picks:
Honorable mention: Seat F14 at Clover Club (Brooklyn), Dugout seats at Rum House (New York)

Best Cocktail for the RoadPERONI NEGRONI at DUTCH FRED'S(New York)
Honorable Mention: Modelo can & shot of Cynar at The Pennsy (New York), Trinidad Sour at Suffolk Arms (New York)

Honorable Mention: Sons & Daughters (New York), Dutch Fred's (New York)

Best American Tiki Experience: A tie: LOST LAKE (Chicago)
Honorable Mention: Tiki Mondays with Miller at Pouring Ribbons (New York), Smuggler's Cove (San Francisco), Latitude 29 (New Orleans)

Best of the InternationalsOLD CROW (Zurich)
Honorable Mention:  The Oriole (London), Sherry Butt (Paris)

Best Dive aka "The Gutter Award"JIMMY'S CORNER (New York)
Honorable Mention: Fanelli's Cafe (New York), Milano's (New York) 

Brian F. Paynter Award for Lounger Number One: PATRICK SOLURI (Maestro, Musician, Producer)

Happy Repeal Day and 10th Anniversary to Loungerati

Loungerati Beefsteak Dinner  2016 at Maloney & Porcelli - A Repeal Weekend Tradition
Happy Repeal Day and 10th Anniversary to the Loungerati readers, staff and contributors past and present! Raise a glass of bubbly because - it is your right!!

The Legalese:
On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution became the law of the land. This piece of legislation repealed the 18th Amendment's Prohibition of alcohol.
XXI Amendment 

Section 1. The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

Section 2. The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.

Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by conventions in the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.
Featured Cocktail tonight:
Cognac Sazarac
3 oz Martel XO Cognac
4 dashes of Peychaud bitters
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 brown sugar cube
St. George Absinthe (for coating)
lemon twist

Method: Add sugar cube to mixing glass and add bitters. Muddle the sugar and bitters gently until broken down into a paste like consistency. Add Cognac and cracked ice. Stirred for 20 seconds. Separately, coat a chilled old fashioned glass with Absinthe and swirl until the interior is covered. Add the mixture to the glass and express the lemon oils from the twist over the glass and discard. Drink up!

The original Sazarac was made with Cognac!

Loungerati continues to serve as an outlet to those who enjoy Lounge culture, the sporting life, exquisite cocktails, classic music, and a good time! Enjoy the holidays and drink responsibly.

~The Lounge