Thursday, August 26, 2010

Angolo di Modo: Men's Autumn Essentials

Autumn is the Grand Prix of Men's haberdashery. The layering, the fabrics, and the patterns are a veritable palette as diverse and colorful as the falling leaves. The season is by far our favorite. It is a time of year where the slight chill in the air can only be balanced by a rich tweed, plaid, corduroy, cashmere, wool, or flannel. In that vein, Loungerati's dapper gents are sharing their essentials for this Fall; this is our wish list and in keeping with the times, we present a high end and more recession friendly alternative.

Fredo suggests:

Alden Black Suede Chukka Boots
Black Suede Chukka boots by Alden available at Epaulet. This is a pricey pair of footwear but well worth the investment. The "flex-welt" leather sole is bathed in oil to make it exceptionally supple - but just as durable as any other solid leather sole. The suede chukka has a timeless style and the craftsmanship of venerable Charles H. Alden shoe company is renown. $450.00

Epaulet - 231 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718-522-3800)

Affordable Alternative: Clarks Orignals black suede desert boots ($105) available at Grahame Fowler at 138 West 10th Street. New York, NY 10014

The Grey Herringbone Tweed Blazer is standard Autumn attire. Dressed up or dressed down, with dark indigo jeans, the tweed blazer is synonymous with the season. Stick with a single breasted, single or two button version. Brooks Brothers has luxurious lambswool "Black and White" tweed jacket has just the right lining to serve as an outdoor jacket yet versatile enough to wear indoors. $398.

Affordable alternative: J.Crew's Whitman Ludlow Collection has a version that brings together the modern, yet classic style of Italian tailoring at the good value of $265.

Eff suggests:

The Peacoat: Originally worn by sailors of various European Navies, the Peacoat exudes confidence and, at once, autumnal practicality. Flip up the collar for that Steve McQueen cool.

Dunhill Peacoat
Dunhill - $1,695 Hand-finished seam, horn buttons, knitted waffle collar for a modern touch. Navy blue is the way to go.
Affordable Alternative: Banana Republic - $225 - cotton/wool blend, peaked lapels, 6 buttons, try it in grey.

The Orange V-Neck cashmere sweater: Cashmere is in a league of its own when it comes to warmth, luxury, and tactile reward. Its said that orange cashmere, peeking out from under a blazer, beckons the leaves to fall. 

If money is no object, Eff suggests the quality and design of the sweater by the iconic brand Hermes - $1,075.
Affordable Alternative: For the rest of us, hit a forward trending chain like Gant or  J. Crew - $188

Enjoy the Autumn in style ... you owe it to yourself!

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