Friday, October 17, 2008

A cigar is so much more than just a cigar ...

A letter from our pal Effervescent written at the University Club:

"Caro Fredo,

Written while skipping out on a Lindy hop, seated in a chair Norman Rockwell himself painted in 1960, while watching rain fall down on Gotham's Fifth Avenue, in one of the damn fanciest rooms my Sicilian ass has ever been in, an ass covered by an English bespoke suit I purchased during a spend economy, that proudly props up the white silk presidential I sported the evening I married the woman, who back when we were first dating, gifted me an elegant tubed cigar, who's seal I would break and who's 30 year wrapper I would smoke down to a nub, outside the Scottish Castle I would marry her in, during a light snowfall at 2AM, though for all purposes it could have been a gifted Cuban, smoked in a historic seaside Victorian town, with salty Atlantic breezes firing up its embers, since either way the smokers would learn that these vanishing cigars with fancy names like Cohiba Robusto and Partagas 160, as they burned down, were simply transforming into life memories, and the timely lesson that, sometimes, a cigar is so much more than just a cigar...


Cigars on the veranda at Congress Hall, Cape May, April 30, 2005

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  1. I feel the author is quite a romantic guy and the rain had added to his imaginations too.His expression of cigar smoking,denuding its wrapper is fabulous.This shows that the author is very expressive and can explain anything in a very interesting way.Its nice and will be well appreciated by everybody who browse through it.His Cigar analogis are quite intersting too.I feel the people in the picture are enjoying some Cuban Cigars.