Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best of Lounge 2010 - Voting Begins!

Liberty Belle Spectacular July 4th
Please take Loungerati's Best of Lounge survey 2010:

We have ten categories open to voters:
  • Best New Bar/Lounge
  • Best Veteran Bar/Lounge
  • Best Barkeeper (male)
  • Best Barkeeper (female)
  • Best Burlesque Act
  • Best Lounge Event 
  • Best Dressed Lounger
  • Marcello Mastroianni Award: Lounger Number One
  • Viva La Music Award: Best Jazz/Swing/Lounge Band
  • David A. Embury Award: Best Cocktail of 2010
Additional categories will be voted by the Loungerati editors and contributors.
They include:
  • Best Saloon
  • Best Barfood
  • Best Seat in the House
  • Best Cocktail for the Road
  • Best of the Internationals
  • Best Hotel Bar
  • Best Dive aka the Gutter Award
  • Most Sought After Ingredient for the Home Bar
  • Don't Bruise The Ice Award for Premier Ice Program
Lastly, we will also be featuring an up and coming lounge worthy city that is not New York. This year it will be Kansas City which was legendary for jazz and whiskey joints. Loungerati Editor, The Senator will be rounding up his Best of Lounge from his adopted city.


The Loungerati Staff


  1. Strange. When I hit the last button to "finish survey" nothin' happens. Did my vote get sent?

    BTW, since I'm here, I'd like to say I'm deeply touched and honored to be nominated for Lounger #1, though I hardly deserve it. I didn't even vote for myself.

    Once I start playing with my group in a few more lounges, as opposed to the dives I'm normally playing in with my group, I'll start lobbying for the music category.

    For the record, I have nothing against dives... and am typically annoyed by a lobbyist.

  2. Hey Walt. Yes, all the votes are being counted. The final tally remains anonymous until voting ends around Thanksgiving. Then we announce a winner! Good luck with LNO!


  3. Thanks for the great survey, I always enjoy it, and Loungerati. I'm always a little confused as to why you never include Shanghai Mermaid in it though. I know I'm not alone in believing it's the best event in this genre, hands down. It's really what started this whole vintage party scene a few years ago, and the level of entertainment and ambience they provide is matchless. It feels like a club from another time, very magical - to me anyway!

  4. Hi Clementine,

    My omission of Shanghai Mermaid is actually inline with what Juliette wants. She clearly states no bloggers, no publicity, etc for her parties and I abide by her wishes out of respect.

    As for SM starting the vintage party scene, well, they are certainly a great and special party but the lounge/swing/vintage scene has been alive and well in NYC since the mid-1990s. Many great parties and events were being thrown before the first SM kicked off a few years ago. They built on the foundation for the parties of today,

    Thanks for voting.