Thursday, January 10, 2008

Viva La Musica: Johnny Bourbon, Crooner Detective

If you love America, freedom, white teeth and booze, then don’t miss a single episode of “Johnny Bourbon, Crooner Detective” starring Bing Crosby and the Merriam Sisters! (Sponsored by Farnsuckle Toothpaste…the toothpaste hated by Nazis and favored most by Cary Grant and Orson Welles.)

Farnsuckle’s Toothpaste presents Bing Crosby as “Johnny Bourbon, Crooner Detective” in “The Corpse Wore Spats.”

Written, conceived and produced by Matt Scott and the Senator

Starring (in order of appearance:

Announcer: Matt Scott

The Merriam Sisters: Stacee Mandeville and Nancy V

Cary Grant: The Senator

Orson Welles: Matt Scott

Bing Crosby: The Senator

Det. Hallochek: Matt Scott

Ellie Barnes: Nancy V

Velma Lang: Stacee Mandeville

Tommy Palumbo: Matt Scott

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