Friday, March 7, 2008

Recession Worries curb Fredo's Vespa Purchase

by Fredo

Brooklyn, NY - For many years, I have saved up to buy a Vespa motorcycle by Piaggio. My love of the Italian scooter and the dolce vita culture it sprung was looking like a reality this year when my Vespa fund finally achieved its' goal. Finally, I had enough to buy a Vespa PX150, plus two helmets, plus security chain, severe weather cover, insurance, even morotcycle lessons required for the NYS motorcycle license. I have riden the bikes when I was a student in Rome, but I need a refresher course, especially on the new versions of the model. Well, now that purchase is on hold. Recession worries are making me check my spending on big purchase items such as the Vespa.

I even looked into cheaper varieties such as the Stella. This classic, made in India, is a version of the original Vespa P150 model. The two stroke 150cc motorscooter is attractive at under three and a half grand and one can chrome it out a la Quadrophenia if that's your fancy. But still I'm weary. I may want to hold on to my devaulating greenbacks just a bit longer as a cash reserve in case the economy goes to hell.

So the subprime/credit market/economic debacle is hitting home. I really thought this was the year to get on two wheels. It still maybe but I'll err on the side of my gut instincts and sit tight for now.

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  1. sit tight is right...we have condition red and we are definitely expecting rain...