Friday, June 19, 2009

What We're Drinking: The Gin Rickey

by Fredo

As we kick off the summer this weekend, thoughts of seasonal cocktails dance in my head. The perfect summer drink would have to be: Simple. Classic. Refreshing. We could go with a Mint Julep but they can be labor intensive. We could go Cuba Libre but honestly, we are trying to cut down on all that corn syrup. Wait, what about the Gin Rickey? London Dry Gin. Lime. Club Soda. Yeah that's it! You will wish all cocktails were this light and easy to make when you are BBQing in the hot sun.

What - no sugar? The Gin Rickey doesn't need sugar like a Tom Collins, which is intuitive when creating sour type drinks. On the contrary, as Esquire's David Wondrich describes in his article "Gin Rickey: The Official Drink of Summer" the inventor of the drink, Colonel Joe Rickey knew that "soda dilutes the acidity just enough so that the drink isn't sour, creating a peerlessly cool, dry drink..."

Well we couldn't agree more. The Gin Rickey is our official summer drink too - imbibe indeed!

2 oz London dry gin (We prefer Plymouth or Beefeater)
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
club soda

Squeeze a lime into a chilled Collins glass full of ice cubes. Then add the gin. Finally, top off with club soda and garnish with half a lime wedge.

Where to get one? Try a bar with outdoor seating like The Jake Walk in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn!



  1. Too many bartenders are unaware of this drink! Coincidentally, I had to break it down to the bartender at Franklin Park a couple weeks ago. They did make it well, though.

  2. Who was the bartender? I had this fellow named Sean (?) last summer who knew how to make it no problemo. It was delicious and refreshing as we had trekked there from the Brooklyn Museum. I am glad your drink worked out though!

  3. I have amended this post after many folks alerted me that the bartenders at Franklin Park have no clue how to make a Gin Rickey. Clearly, the one fellow I met on that hot summer day no longer works there.Shame because the place is perfect for a summer drink like the Rickey. So, I suggest the JakeWalk's outdoor tables and Ari Form's Gin Rickey. You won't be disappointed!