Friday, September 11, 2009

Today We Remember

"As unlikely as it may seem, the hottest night spot in New York is on Wall Street. Actually, it's way above Wall Street – on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center. After years of thumbing their noses at the financial community's stuffed shirts, the pioneers of New York cool have descended on the financial district in droves."

– Women's Wear Daily circa 2000

I am not going to get into to the 9/11 rhetoric which sometimes smacks more or revenge than remember. Overall, we believe in the best that this day represents. New Yorkers and all Americans remember with choked up words when we read the names of the fallen, especially the names we know. I want to dedicate this post to the restaurant workers at Windows on the World who lost their lives that fateful Tuesday. They were part of the the working class ordinary day to day folks who make our city great - yet they perished.

The Greatest Bar on Earth hardly lived up to it's name, yet it was home for many of us on a Friday night. Sure, when you ordered an Old Fashioned you may get a concoction made with Worcester sauce in lieu of Angostura bitters, but that is why we stuck to the classics. The Negronis weren't so bad when the Jet Set Six were playing and the Pontani Sisters dancing! We loved GBOE and on our last visit August 25, 2001, we enjoyed the stylings of the Ray Gelato Giants from London. The place was standard on the swing and jazz circuit. It was a place we would go to warm up for the Supper Club. We continue to miss GBOE wholeheartedly and the folks who made it one of a kind ...

Salute to you! Thank you!

The staff at Loungerati

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