Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lambs Club Cocktail on UMAMIMART

March is going out with a bang! So try the classic Lambs Club Cocktail, a New York original, before it gets too warm outside.
Lambs Club Cocktail (1915)

“Floreant Agni” (May the Lambs Flourish)
- Motto of the original Lambs theatre club

The month of March is supposed to end like a Lamb but Mother Nature is not playing nice–it is still 30˚F outside! Nevertheless, this week’s cocktail captures winter’s last stand and book ends the month quite nicely! The Lambs Club Cocktail is midway between the light crispness of a spring cocktail and a heavy aromatic cocktail of the winter. The proportions are 2:1 vermouths to gin–a “perfect” martini if you will. Gin, a popular spirit for warmer months is tempered by the fortified flavor of not one but two variations of vermouth. The monastically produced Bénédictine blesses the cocktail with bar spoon of herbal sweetness.

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