Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Salon at Players Club: Review and Images

by Fredo

The Salon at Players Club was a smashing success. The rain let up, the heat subsided, and the crowd showed up dressed to the nines. The Players Club is a private club opened by actor Edwin Booth in the late nineteenth century. They were kind enough to open it up to the general public for The Salon so we could we have a unique event in a magical space. I was amazed to see how they fit the entire 18 piece Harlem Renaissance Orchestra on that stage. The band didn't miss a beat and kept lindy hoppers dancing all night. During intermissions, Melody Sweets who performs at the Box, "This is Burlesque" at Corio, and Sugar Shack Burlesque, sang and showed lots of skin. Meanwhile, DJ Swank clad in Tuxedo #9 spun lounge, exotica, tiki, big band, jump blues, and hot jazz. The crowd showed up in their best summer attire despite the relaxed dress code policy. Seersucker, cream colored dinner jackets, cocktail dresses, feathered hats, straw fedoras, and elegance ruled the night. I was behind the stick with the bartenders of Elegant Affairs Caters making signature cocktails. I actually pre-made several classic summer favorites and trained the staff in the execution of the drinks prior to doors opening.

The cocktail menu at The Salon's July 31st event:

Southern Pimms Punch (Pimms No.1, Bourbon, White Rum, Sweet Vermouth, Sparkling Wine orange juice, fresh fruit)

Southside Fizz (Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, mint, club soda)

Champagne Cocktail
(Champagne, sugar cube, bitters)

The Ward Eight (Rye, lemon juice, orange juice, homemade grenadine)

Below are some images from the night courtesy of our friend Lynn Redmile.

For the complete set visit Lynn's page.

Thank you to all that came out to support us!

Next Salon/Loungerati collaboration will be October 9th at the Players Club with the Ron Sunshine Orchestra!

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