Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cinquecento selected as one of Ardent Spirits 101 Best Cocktails of 2010!

The Cinquecento
Ardent Spirits, a site for cocktail and spirits aficionados run by the esteemed Gary "Gaz" Regan has selected The Cinquecento cocktail to be included in a compendium of the 101 Best Cocktails of 2010. I am truly honored as my drink recipe will be published along with 100 others from the world's best bartenders in the 2011 Bartender's Guide.

This original cocktail was originally submitted to the Louis 649 "Anyone Can Be a Mixologist" Competition (read the recap) in April 2010. The Cinquecento is available commercially on the Louis 649 menu as well as barkeeper extraordinaire Mal Spence's cocktail tome at the Blythswood Square Hotel bar in Glasgow, Scotland. You can also ask for it at great cocktail bars such as Clover Club in Brooklyn.

Read the full Ardent Spirits review here.

Gaz Regan is the author of many cocktail and drinks related books including the must have Joy of Mixology and Gin Compendium. He is also the brains behind Regan's Orange Bitters and is regarded as a pillar of the cocktail community.

- Fredo

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  1. That is something I need to try. I'll let JR at The Avery know about it, too.

    I'm no longer much of a vodka drinker, but the mix tickles my fancy.