Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lounge Essentials: The Metrokane Flip-Top Shaker

Metrokane's Flip Top Shaker
Thumbing through a recent Cook’s Illustrated, I noted that their long-standing top choice cocktail shaker had been knocked off its throne. Sure enough, the Metrokane Bullet Shaker, available since 2001, was now solidly in second place after a surprise attack from… none other than... Metrokane's latest invention: the Flip-Top Shaker. 
Some background: Metrokane is the company behind the Rabbit® series of bar tools. Their popular wine bottle opener graces many a Holiday gift list. A modern and streamlined approach to design make their products perfect for any pouring host or home bartender (from the novice to the pro).
Back to business: I contacted an online retailer to order up two, despite the fact that, coming in at 24-ounces, it holds some 14% less than the larger Bullet model and costs $10.00 more. But if, as advertised, this was a “one-handed shaker,” then surely, one would not be enough!

The difference was immediately apparent. Instead of arriving in four pieces with a separate strainer, container, cover and lid, it consists of just two parts with a built-in strainer grid. Double-wall stainless steel construction assures the hands stay warm.

However, the real magic is in the patented Flip-Top, snap-shut mechanism, which opens and closes with the touch of a finger. They call it: “The first innovation since Prohibition.” I thought that was Term Limits? Two years in development, the hydraulic engineering lends the sleek design a unique functionality and efficiency.
The screw-off top threads easily, making it easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher-safe: but why bother? Overall, Metrokane's Flip-Top Shaker is a useful addition to your lineup with a truly modern, high-tech flair. Cook’s Illustrated gets it right yet again.

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