Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lounge Essentials: The Daily "Classic" Shave Routine

One of our classic shave aficionados, The Stone Man, believes that the daily task that men perform can actually be enjoyable when done right. The idea is to use the classic shaving style of our forefathers and the right equipment (double sided safety razor, badger hair brush), creams, and balms. There are no Mach3s or other moisturized strips on his blades - he is no hurry!
These are his recommended steps which can easily become your routine:
  • Shower, this will open up the pores
  • Then lather up your face and neck with a "pure" badger hair shave brush. We recommend Proraso, Proraso Omega, and Eshu shaving creams.
  • Using a double sided safety razor, make 2.5 passes - once With The Grain (WTG), once Across The Grain (XTG) and once - on the neck only, Against the Grain (ATG) but in the opposite direction (remember the neck can be very sensitive, so take it slow
  • Rinse off with ice cold water - this serves to close the pores and stop bleeding from any "weepers" (small nicks) that may occur
  • Apply a toner - Stone prefers Thayers Lavender 
  • Apply an after shave balm - Stone's current go to is Eshu, but whatever you choose remember to keep it alcohol free!  The idea is to moisturize and heal here - not touting one's machismo by applying crap with alcohol in it to a freshly shaved face!
This whole process should take about 15 minutes, although the slower you go,
the more satisfying the experience.  

Check out Classic and EMS Place for an excellent variety of shaving equipment - razors, blades, shave cream, after shave balm, etc.  

For shaving info (why, how to, etc.) Badger and Blade and Loungerati's Classic Shave series are terrific resources.

-  The Stone Man

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