Saturday, August 14, 2010

Angolo di Modo: Cocktails at Tiffany - Who Knew?

Effervescent lounging at Tiffany & Co. Private Cocktail Party
His invite to me read, “Cocktails at Tiffany  tomorrow night?” “Cocktails can be had at Tiffany and Co.?”, I replied. “Who knew!?!” 

Our man about town, Eff, apparently knows how to make such arrangements. The Sicilian dandy recently had a diamond of a time making the scene at the iconic Tiffany and Co. on tony Fifth Avenue. The event was thrown for some of the premier jewelers' best customers and celebrities as show of appreciation for continued business. Clearly' Eff's moglia is making out like a bandit.

From the moment one walked into the flagship store, which opened in 1940, it was red carpet treatment reminiscent of a Gatsby cocktail party. For starters, the Taittinger "Le Francaise" Brut Champagne flowed (in Tiffany crystal, natch) like a river! There were also passed canapes and hors d'oeuvres to wet the appetite. Once the first class crowd was properly buzzed, the white glove service bar started pouring top shelf scotch, Johnnie Walker Blue Label ,no less.  
Eff towering over LA Laker Lamar Odom

Before too long Eff was hamming it up with none-other-than a champion Los Angeles Laker basketball forward Lamar Odom. Soon Eff and Mr. Odom, who hails from South Jamaica, Queens, were checking out Tahitian pearls for their better halves. Eff even rode on Mr. Odom’s shoulders a near 7 feet up in the air after daring him (there’s witnesses). Shenanigans continued until Tiffany security intervened (very discreetly, I might add!). Blame it on bubbly and blue.

After the initial reception, the crowd was treated to a viewing of the famed Tiffany Diamond. Then Lamar introduced Eff to NBA Commissioner David Stern, the duo (and a sauced up Eff) then posed on the runway outside for a near 500 tourists, even signing a few autographs for some budding Holly Golightlys. As the event was winding down, Tiffany & Co. was proud to report that no guests had absconded with any of their prized baubles. However, the Johnny Walker Blue, and our Lounge Essentials contributor were no where to be found.

Mangari, Eff! Cocktails at Tiffany: a “brilliant” new Loungerati tradition.

PS: Be sure to check out our (first ever) Loungerati iMovie account of the evening: 

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