Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Destinations: Hooch on November 20th

We recommend the following hush-hush de-lovely event for your Friday night pleasure:

"Ladies & Gents, Harlots and Hedonists, Flappers and Philosophers:

Break out your fur stoles and saddle shoes ..

We invite you to join us on Friday, November 20th for a night of indulgence, entertainment and depravity..

Be seduced by live cabaret-style performances, brass bands and swinging jazz, while cigarette girls offer surprising treats..

Drown your sorrows or elevate your spirits with unique cocktails, home brews and moonshine..

Flirt with strangers in shadowy corners.. Dance with lovers and friends to an incredible sound system.. all in an unseen underground Tribeca loft."

$10 entrance
RSVP to hoochrsvp at gmail dot com for location
Stumble Bum Brass Band

Raya Brass Band

Judy Sky of Reverend Billy's Choir

Burlesque by the delectable Isabella Minx

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