Saturday, January 16, 2010

Barfly's Beat: The Richardson gets proprietary Buffalo Trace Single Barrel

by Fredo

In what seems to be a trend we can all get behind, another one of our favorite saloons has secured a proprietary barrel of bourbon. Last fall, Death & Company secured their own batch of Wild Turkey, the illustrious Barrel 94. Take it from me, it was smooth.
Now the Richardson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has their own barrel of hooch - Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon.

Joel Lee Kulp, owner and general manager, worked closely with the Buffalo Trace distillery. He and the Richardson staff sampled selections from the single barrel collection. They tasted them, voted for their favorite, and then bought the entire barrel of the winner. The shipment just arrived on January 15th. The label is bespoke and as a bonus, Buffalo Trace is even sending the actual barrel as a souvenir.

So stop by on Sunday afternoons for Honky Tonk at the Richardson and order an Old Fashioned with Buffalo Trace bourbon from their proprietary barrel. Sounds like the perfect excuse for an afternoon tipple!

The Richardson
451 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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