Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Aftermath of The Salon

by Fredo

Twas' the night before Halloween and a group of loungers, artists, musicians, dancers, barflies, mixologists, and burlesque performers gathered at Galapagos Art Space for the The Salon. Some came in costume, getting an early start for what promised to be a mardi gras like weekend in New York City. Others arrived in formal attire, in their best suits, elegant dresses, and their finest duds. What occurred next can only be described in pictures so please enjoy the photo album.

I would like to personally thank my guest mixologists, Giuseppe Gonzalez and Sam Kershaw who helped make the evening an absinthe filled success. Special thanks to the Soluri brothers and JC Hopkins for doing the legwork and Galapagos Art Space for being very accommodating! DJ Swank and the gals of Sugar Shack Burlesque made the night complete!

(Photos courtesy of Will Luong)

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